Gissen Lab Members

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Blerida Banushi

Blerida is a Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher investigating VPS33B-VIPAR complex involvement in bile duct development. She joined the group in December 2009 and is a second year PhD student. Blerida is performing analysis of the protein interactions and testing the regulation of polarity signalling pathways in knockdown cell lines.

The work in the first year consisted of three parts: 1) Large-scale production of VPS33B and VIPAR proteins using bacterial, insect and mammalian cell systems with the aim of anti-VIPAR and anti-VPS33B antibody generation and subsequent structural analysis of the VPS33B/VIPAR complex. 2) In vitro reconstitution and purification of the VPS33B/VIPAR complex in mammalian cell lines in order to confirm stable protein interaction. And 3) Gene expression analysis of VPS33B and VIPAR knockdown VS wild-type cell lines using global expression arrays in order to identify genes dysregulated in the knockdown cell lines and thus candidate members of cell polarity pathway.

The above experiments provided preliminary data that is being further tested using a number of gene and protein expression analysis techniques.

Ania Straatman-Iwanowska

Ania is a research technician skilled in cell and molecular biology techniques. She has been an integral member of the group since March 2006.