Electron Microscopy Equipment

MRC LMCB EM equipment

  • FEI T12 Tecnai Spirit biotwin with tomography, LaB6, and SIS morada 11megapixel digital camera
  • Phillips CM10 coupled to a 1kx1k Gatan digital camera (tungsten).
  • Leica EMPACT high pressure freezer
  • Leica automated freeze substitution machine AFS
  • Leica automated freeze substitution machine AFS 2 with FSP (for programmable solution transfer)
  • Leica UC7 ultramicrotome with HD camera and live view monitor
  • Leica UCT ultramicrotome
  • Leica UCT cryo-ultramicrotome
  • BioRad 3100 critical point dryer
  • Baltec Med020 for rotary shadowing, carbon/platinum coating and freeze drying.
  • PC Workstations with image analysis software, tomography reconstruction and rendering software are also in place.








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