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Sophie Acton
Selected Publications: 

Acton S.E*., et al. Dendritic Cells
Control Fibroblastic Reticular Network Tension and Lymph Node Expansion. Nature
2014 514, 498–502


Fletcher A.L., Acton S.E., and Knoblich K. Lymph node fibroblastic reticular
cells in health and disease. Nature Reviews Immunology
2015 15, 350–361


Acton S.E., et al. Podoplanin-Rich Stromal Networks Induce Dendritic Cell Motility via Activation
of the C-type Lectin Receptor CLEC-2. Immunity.
2012 37(2):276-89 

The Acton lab studies stromal/leukocyte interactions combining cell biology, image analysis and in vivo studies to investigate control of lymphoid tissue dynamics and anti-tumour immunity. Projects in the lab include investigating the mechanisms of lymph node expansion during inflammation, the communication between leukocytes and fibroblastic stroma in tumour microenvironments and the regulation function controlled by mechanical tension.

fibroblastic reticular cells in culture expressing Myosin-light-chain fused to
GFP and stained for F-actin filaments.












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Research Assistant, - Ref:1503601 Closing date Nov 23rd

Research Associate, - Ref:1503358 Closing date Nov 16th