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The Bioinformatics Image Core provides services for researchers from various areas in cell biology and analysis of large data sets from high-throughput screening experiments.


The Bioinformatics Image Core (BIONIC) facility supports:


  • the high-throughput screening activities at the Translational Research Resource Centre
  • the image processing and data analysis throughout the LMCB




Advanced microscopic technology is allowing imaging approaches to detect cellular dynamics with increasing spatial and temporal resolution. New approaches are required to allow effective analysis and quantitation of the data, requiring individuals with advanced skills in image analysis and computing.


 The core facility has experience in image analysis, statistical methods for analyzing large data sets and experience in automation processes. as well as a good understanding of genomic technologies and the drug discovery process. We have experience in operation of PerkinElmer Opera high-content screening microscope. The core's activity is based on image analysis softwares ImageJ and Acapella as well as the statistical program R with Bioconductor packages such as CellHTS2. Furthermore, we have some experience in tissue culture and basic laboratory techniques.


Equipment of the Bioinformatics Image Core




ASUS Server Z8PE-D18
144 GB memory
2x Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® E5520 CPUs (16 cores)
Corsair Hydro H50 High Performance Liquid  CPU Cooler
NVidia Quadro FX3800






Tyan FT48-B8812 High Performance Barebone System
256 GB memory
4x 12-Core AMD® Opteron® 6174 CPUs (48 cores)
NVidia GeForce GTX 580
Acer GN245HQ 3D monitor with NVidia 3D Vision




Ultima 9550i Tyrannosaur MKIII
Intel Core i7 3770K 3.50GHz @ 4.60GHz 8-Core
DDR3 32GB Ivybridge
Nvidia GTX 680 
Asus VG278H 3D monitor with NVidia 3D Vision 2




SuperMicro 4048B TR4FT Kriston-Vizi LMCB UCL
SuperServer 4048B-TR4FT
4x Intel Xeon E7 4809 v2.0 @ 1.9 GHz 8-Core
DDR4 1TB (32x32GB 2133MHz)
AMD Radeon R9 290 (4GB)



UCL Drug Design - Phenotypic Screening course supporting files


ImageJ/Fiji Cell Outliner plugin compiled files.


- Download Cell_Outliner.png and copy into Imagej/Fiji "Plugins" folder.


- Rename the file extension from .png to .jar


- Start ImageJ/Fiji.




Janos Kriston-Vizi Orcid QR code


Selected Publications




Ferraro F , Mafalda Lopes da S , Grimes W , Lee HK , Ketteler R , Kriston-Vizi J , Cutler DF (2016) Weibel-Palade body size modulates the adhesive activity of its von Willebrand Factor cargo in cultured endothelial cells. Sci Rep (PMID:27576551)





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