Athena Silver

Athena @ LMCB



In 2009, the MRC LMCB was amongst the first UCL Departments
to be awarded SILVER status 
under the Athena SWAN scheme ,
and the first for the MRC.

What is the Athena SWAN charter?

Launched in June 2005, the Athena SWAN Charter scheme recognises and celebrates good employment
practice for women working in science, engineering and technology in higher
education and research. It aims to assist the recruitment, retention and
progression of women in Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) and to
promote good practice.

Why is the LMCB committed to Athena SWAN principles?

The LMCB aims to provide an environment that encourages
scientific excellence. It recognises that implementation of good practice
benefits the Department and all who work there, and that there will be many
ways to enable its scientists to achieve their best so that they flourish,
excel and so participate fully. By being an excellent place to work, the LMCB
will attract the best and, in turn, release the best to continue their work
elsewhere, and to spread this good practice.

How did the LMCB first charter for Silver award?

A 'Self Assessment Team' made up of individuals from the
LMCB looked at all issues related to the Athena SWAN project. They gathered
baseline data from the MRC and UCL in order to monitor the LMCB’s SET profile
each year. Existing good practice was identified, as were areas that could be
improved, using questionnaires and focused discussion groups. An action plan
was formulated to implement immediate and long term changes. An application for SILVER status was submitted and awarded in 2009.

What next?

The planned improvements were implemented and progress monitored.We renewed SILVER status in 2012. Further initiatives are being developed, and as the changed culture
within the LMCB becomes the norm we will charter for GOLD status.