Alien Language Game

Participants wanted: ALIEN Language GAME


Volunteers for our ALIEN Language GAME!!!

who want to earn £4 in 20 min!

We are looking for participants aged 18-40 years

who are native speakers of British English.

You should be monolingual, i.e. not have grown up with a second native language, and you should not have any history of speech or hearing disorders.

What do you have to do?

You simply have to listen to a phrase containing alien words and match them with a given object. In the second part of the game there will be background noise.

At the end of this game just collect your reward and enjoy the rest of your day!


For your own convenience the study will take place in Chandler House, 2 Wakefield Street, at any preferred time of your day (morning or afternoon sessions).

If you are interested in taking part in this ALIEN LANGUAGE GAME, please contact me for more information:

Helai Mussa: helaim213@yahoo.de

UCL Speech, Hearing & Phonetic Sciences, Chandler House, 2 Wakefield Street

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