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Our Aim: To create a Bioartificial Liver and save millions of lives












The aim of The Liver Group Charity is to improve the treatment of liver disease through research. The research and development involved in achieving this long term aim necessarily – and beneficially - includes the education and training of scientists and clinicians in the field, as well as the actual research both at the laboratory and the clinical interface. Recently this has meant a focus on the development of our Bioartificial Liver Machine - something that will prove as important to the treatment of liver disease as kidney dialysis was to those with kidney failure - which is funded by our ongoing 'Liver for Life' Appeal. We are striving so everyone has a 'Liver for Life'.


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We are a small medical research charity, focused around the development of a bioartifical liver machine. This pioneering research has the potential to save hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide annually. Read More
Liver Disease
Liver disease (also called hepatic disease) is an umbrella term referring to damage to or disease of the liver. The symptoms related to liver dysfunction include both physical signs and a variety of symptoms related to digestive problems, blood sugar problems, immune disorders, abnormal absorption of fats, and metabolism problems. Read More
Our work so far
2011 saw the culmination of our testing in a large scale model of the bioartificial liver machine and IT WORKED! Those results have enabled us to take the steps to get phase 1 of the project ready to take to the clinically ready stage; from here we can obtain regulatory approval and subsequently be able to do first-in-man trials. Read More


Our Donors
The list of those that have donated to us is long, filled with well known trusts, large corporations, and ordinary people who understand the enormity of our what we are looking to achieving. We are immeasurably grateful to them all. See a complete list here






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