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Title: Sustainable Resources for Sustainable Cities Symposium

Tuesday, 5th November 2013

Wednesday, 6th November 2013


10:00 - 18:30 GMT - Tuesday

10:20 - 13:00 GMT - Wednesday

Location: Darwin Lecture Theatre, Darwin Building, Gower St, London. WC1E 6BT.
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Sustainable Resources for Sustainable Cities Symposium

The second event in the Grand Challenges series will focus in more detail on the Grand Challenge for Sustainable Cities.

Cities or, more broadly, urban areas - densely packed, complex, built systems - are home to over half the of world’s population. With this trend of increasing urbanisation worldwide, urban sustainability has been identified as a key area of societal relevance, an area in which a solid research base can inform policy and practice.

The Grand Challenge of Sustainable Cities (GCSC) exists to initiate and support cross-disciplinary research into urban sustainability. Sustainability in the urban context is inextricably linked to resource flows. Among the minimum requirements for a city’s population are housing, food, safe water, waste disposal, and energy for heating and cooling.

Cities must draw on global resource networks to provide the raw materials to build new infrastructure, maintain current systems and retrofit existing buildings. Cities also generally rely on a ‘hinterland’ to supply the energy, food, water and other resources they require. Sustainable cities rely on the sustainable provision and use of resources, and this reliance provides a clear link between GCSC and the work of the Institute for Sustainable Resources.

A number of issues were raised within the ‘Closing the Gap’ debate which link closely to the existing work within GCSC themes, most prominently:

  • Growing global population
  • Growing global middle-class
  • Growing urban population
  • Actual or potential scarcity of strategic resources such as energy, water and food, resulting in rising and volatile prices
  • The role of local action and local management of strategic resources
  • The role for science in the sustainability debate

The symposium will specifically look to address the challenges around provision of resources for growing urban populations, with regard to the physical built environment, infrastructure, transport and water.  It would aim to address the question of how cities can continue to meet their present needs without compromising the future of the city, the region or the planet.

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