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Cockcroft, S. (Editor) (2000) Biology of Phosphoinositides.
Frontiers in Molecular Biology 1-338 Oxford University Press (OPU)
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Biology of Phosphoinositides.

Edited by Shamshad Cockcroft.
"Biology of Phosphoinositides is a review of current lipid signalling research with emphasis on the integration of the use of lipid signals in signal transduction and membrane trafficking. These two areas have traditionally been seen as separate but now anyone ignoring one area at the expense of the other does so at their peril."

"The regulation of phospholipase C (and its isozymes), phospholipase D, the phosphoinositide 3-kinases, chloride channel conductance by inositol (3,4,5,6) tetraphosphate, and of cytoskeletal protein activity by inositol lipids are all covered in depth. There is specific discussion of the PH and FVYE lipid binding domains that allow lipids to control the movement, location, and activation-state of membrane proteins. The central issue of the control of synthesis, translocation, and degradation of phosphoinositides is also given due coverage."

"The central role of lipids in cell function is now widely acknowledged. Biology of phosphoinositides serves both as an intriguing introduction to what these molecules can achieve, as well as update on current research finding for existing afficionados." (OUP)

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