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Past Lectures & Events
Date Topic Speakers
Please note - no more lectures or events are planned
16th February 2011 Mathematical Radar Chris Budd
19th January 2011 Quantum Metrology JT Jansen & Alastair Sinclair (NPL)
17th November 2010 Mathematical Ecology Research & Type 2 Diabetes Michael Bonsall & Peter Saunders
20th October 2010 Law of Mass Action & Inferring Physical Mechanisims David Colquhoun & Lucia Sivilotti
8th September 2010 Particle Laden Flow Andrea Bertozzi
24th March 2010 Aplications to climate policy Lord Julian Hunt & Daniel Feltham
10th February 2010 Sex, mathematics and models Anne Johnson & Geoff Garnett
20th January 2010 Impact and Craters Jan-Peter Muller & Frank Smith
8th January 2010 PhDs in Mathematical Sciences/Statistics NA - LTCC PhD open day
17th December 2009 Tsunamis & Geo-Physical Warnings NA - workshop
25th November 2009 Agent Based Modelling Liz Varga & Patrick Beautement
10th November 2009 Turbulent bluff-body separation: recent advances of a self-consistent flow description for large Reynolds numbers Bernard Scheichl
5th November 2009 Lipid bilayers: an introduction and modelling Phil Wilson
27th October 2009 Human Evolution & Quantum Mechanics Steve Jones & Jim Al-Khalili
24th February 2009 Cloaking: Windturbines, Invisible Aircraft & Microwaves Philip Bond & Mike Wiltshire
13th January 2009 Examples of Maths at the Met Office Mike Davey & Bernd Becker
9th December 2008 Multiscale Methods Sofia Olhede & Guy Nason
12th November 2008 Seeing the Light Steven Dakin & R Beau Lotto
8th October 2008 Non-linear variability Christian Onof & Jan Peter Muller
23rd April 2008 Higher Dimensional Data Tom Fearn & Philip Brown
19th March 2008 Health & Biology (EPSRC Theme) David Rand & Reidun Twarock
27th February 2008 Facial Formation Peter McOwan & Chris Solomon
6th February 2008 Statistical Genetics Prof Peter Donnelly & Prof David Clayton
6th December 2007 Modelling Conflict Prof Treleaven & Dr Hackworth
14th November 2007 An Evening with ... Simon Singh & Marcus Du Sautoy
24th October 2007 Modelling Crime Professor Henk Elffers
October 10th 2007 Witnesses & Mediators Nigel Young & Philip Dawid
September 25th 2007 Cochlear Function Jonathan Ashmore & Robert Mackay
27th June 2007 Sport and Modelling Professor Stephen R Clarke and Dr Ruud Koning
31st May 2007 - 1st June 2007 Multi-scaled Modelling in Defence Research and its Spinoffs Many
15th March 2007 Oil Wells & Mathematical Modelling Prof Chris Farmer and Dr John Curtis
27th February 2007 Key Societal Issues Prof A Lacey and Dr Shane Johnson
17th January 2007 Themed lectures on Cryptography and Quantum information Theory Prof Fred Piper, Prof Ken Paterson and Prof Andreas Winter
12th December 2006

There's no-one quite like Grandad" & " Numbers in the Brain"

Dr Steve Blinkhorn ( Psychometric Research & Development Ltd) Prof Brian Butterworth (Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, UCL)
1st November 2006 "Violent Impact of Water Waves on Walls" "Tsunamis: A Danger for Mankind and Challenge for Applied Mathematicians" Prof D H Peregrine (University of Bristo)] Prof V I Shrira (Keele University)

10th October 2006

"Diophantine Problems""The Kubota Symbol on SLn" Prof Alan Baker [Cambridge University]Dr Richard Hill [ Maths Dept, UCL]
14th June 2006 “Modelling Epidemics”“Controlling Infectious Disease Outbreaks - Can Mathematicians Help?” Professor Valerie Isham [Dept of Statistical Sciences, UCL]Dr Azra Ghani [ London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine]
24th May 2006 “Symmetry and the Monster”“The Monster and String Theory” Professor Mark Ronan [University of Illinois, Chicago]Dr Katrin Wendland [Warwick Mathematics Institute]
Professor Iwan Williams (Queen Mary, University of London)
15th March 2006 “Measures of National Road Safety Performance ”“Is the NHS Subject to Hidden Systems’ Effects?” Prof Benjamin Heydecker [Centre for Transport Studies, UCL]Prof Steve Gallivan [Clinical Operational Research Unit, UCL]
18th January 2006 “Algebraic Geometry and Differential Equations”“Low Dimensional Topology, Generalised Linear Algebra and Algebraic Geometry” Professor Alessio Corti [Imperial College]Professor Francis Johnson [UCL]
14th December 2005 “MHD Instabilities in a Z-Pinch and Ion Viscous Heating to Over 2 Billion Kelvin”“Applied Topology” Professor Malcolm Haines [Imperial College of Science , Technology & Medicine]Professor Mitchell Berger [Department of Mathematics, UCL]
31st October 2005 “Global Business Cycles and Credit Risk”“From Mathematical Physics to Financial Engineering” Professor Hashem Pesaran [Professor of Economics, University of Cambridge]Dr Colin Turfus [Financial Engineer, Lombard Risk Systems Ltd]
5th October 2005 “Einstein: His Life and Scientific Contributions”“Einstein: His Work on General Relativity, Astrophysics and Cosmology” Sir John Maddox [Ex-Editor of Nature]Professor John Charap [Department of Physics, Queen Mary University of London]
6th July 2005 “Mathematical Modelling in the Effective Use of Radio Spectrum”“The Internet's Architecture for Managing Congestion” Robert Leese [Director, Smith Institute for Industrial Mathematics and System Engineering]Dr Damon Wischik [Department of Computer Science, UCL]
1st June 2005 “Architecture and Mathematics”“The Emergence of Cities: Explaining the Dynamics of Urban Scaling” Professor Philip Steadman [The Bartlett School, UCL]Professor Michael Batty [Director, Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, UCL]
3rd May 2005 “Mathematics Soviet Style: The Rise and Fall of a Mathematical Superpower”“Russian Mathematics, Kolmogorov and Turbulence” Professor Dmitri Vassiliev [Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Bath]Professor Julian Hunt [Department of Space and Climate Physics, UCL & Director of LIMS]
2nd March 2005 “Mathematics of the Heart”“Systems Biology” Professor Denis Noble [University Laboratory of Physiology, Oxford]Professor Rob Seymour [Mathematucs and CoMPLEX, University College London]
19th January 2005 "From Statics To Dynamics in Cell Biology""Excited State PhotoEngineering: New Approaches to Biomolecular Dynamics, Imaging and Biotechnology" Prof. David Epstein [Warwick Mathematics Institute]Dr. Angus Bain [Department of Physics and Astronomy, UCL]
24th November 2004 "Transport Models""Post-Lighthill Traffic Flow Theory" Prof. Frank Kelly [Chief Scientific Adviser, Department for Transport]Prof. Michael G. H. Bell [Transport Operations, Imperial College]
13th October 2004 "Mapping, Measuring and Understanding the Cosmic Structure" Prof. Sir Martin Rees [Cambridge] and Prof. Ofer Lahav [UCL]
30th June 2004 “Cochlear Dynamics”“Critical oscillators as active amplifiers in hearing” Jonathan Ashmore [Department of Physiology, UCL and the Centre for Auditory Research, UCL]Tom Duke [Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge]
28th April 2004 “Recording from single molecules, and interpreting the results”“ Modelling missed events in single channel records” David Colquhoun [Pharmacology, UCL]Alan G. Hawkes [Emeritus Professor of Statistics, European Business Management School, University of Wales SWANSEA]
17th March 2004 “Application of the Generalised Pareto Distribution and the Simulation of Extremes to Risk Transfer Problems”“Hope, Regret and Insight: The Roles of Meteorology in the Advance Predictability Theory over the last two hundred years” Dr Dougal Goodman FIoP FIMMM FICE [Director, The Foundation for Science and Technology]Leonard Smith [London School of Economics & Pembroke College, Oxford]
19th February 2004 “ From Sonic Booms to Mobile Phone”“Analysis Requirements for In-flight Ice” Dr David Allwright [Smiths Institute, Oxford]Dr Roger Gent [QinetiQ]
January 2004 Introduction to Shimura varieties and applications
Andrei Yafaev [Mathematics, UCL]
Autumn 2003 Wednesday 3 December 2003:
“Bayesian Networks for Forensic Identification”
Professor Philip Dawid [Statistical Science]
Wednesday 12 November 2003:
“Applying mathematics to problems in health care”
Professor S Gallivan [CORU]
Wednesday 29 October 2003:
“Equilibrium models of travel in congested urban areas”
Professor B Heydecker [Transport Studies]
Wednesday 15 October 2003:
“Modelling complex industrial and biomedical processes”
Professor F T Smith [Mathematics]