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Information About Pharmacology Modules

Click on the module (course) title on the list below to go to information on that particular module. The information contains a description of each course, the timetable and links to any lecture notes. Modules will run in the Common Timetable structure.

This information is for guidance only. If you are a UCL undergraduate interested in studying one of the modules, you must seek permission from both the Pharmacology module organiser and your parent department or programme. Appearance in this list only guarantees that a module will run in any particular academic year if sufficient numbers of students register.

Available modules for:

students in a practical class

Modules For Year 1

Modules For Year 2

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Modules For Year 3
Practical class
Common Timetable Structure

Block A Monday 9 - 11 and Thursday 11 - 1

Block B Tuesday 9 - 11 and Friday 11 - 1

Block C Wednesday 9 - 11 and Monday 11 - 1

Block D Thursday 9 - 11 and Tuesday 11 - 1

Block E Friday 9 - 11 and Wednesday 11 - 1

Block F Monday 2 - 6

Block G Tuesday 2 - 6

Block H Thursday 2 - 6

Block I Friday 2 - 6

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9 - 11
Block A
Block B
Block C
Block D
Block E
11 - 1
Block C
Block D
Block E
Block A
Block B
1 PM Lunch break - no teaching
Lunch break - no teaching No teaching Wednesday afternoon
Lunch break - no teaching Lunch break - no teaching
2 - 6
Block F
Block G
No teaching Wednesday afternoon Block H
Block I

Each block is four hours in a week. A module assigned to a block will not necessarily use all the available time, but will stay within the limits of the block.

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