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Some comments from 2010-11 students
(including the degree held when joining the programme)

An excellent program providing leading edge lectures and world-class research training in top labs. The course certainly equipped us with latest neuroscience frontiers and research skills for further academic studies. Very happy to be one of this big family, and easy to find a funded PhD place afterwards.
Qiusong (China) BEng

The MSc Neuroscience at UCL is an intense and challenging course taught by the pioneers and best people in the field.
Jonas (Germany) BSc Molecular Biotechnology

I would highly recommend this course to anyone hoping to pursue a career in Neuroscience research as the breadth of the teaching received and the experience gained as part of the research project will give you a great advantage further down the line in a research career.
Michael (UK) BSc Psychology

The program was challenging – and rightly so. As a psychology graduate many aspects of the material were completely new to me. It was extremely satisfying at the end of the year looking back on how much we had learnt.
John (UK) BSc Psychology

The year was challenging but also very fulfilling. Academically, I feel like I gained a very strong foundation for a career in neuroscience research. The design of the course with molecular and optionally more system and cognitive elements is in my view the best preparation to address future research questions that require interdisciplinary approaches. Personally, I made friends that will hopefully last for a lifetime. The collaboration and mutual help that I experienced in this course were deeply enriching.

I am a mature student who joined after a long break from my clinical job because of family. I am interested in research field. I am very pleased to have taken the decision to do MSc as I have personally gained a very useful knowledge and training in the area of research through Masters in Neuroscience. I believe it is essential for anyone who wants to take up PhD in an area of Neuroscience. I found my tutors very helpful and co-operative. Generally, the lectures were of high quality and comprehensive. All in all, my experience is very productive and useful.
Sabaena (UK) MBBS

Challenging, exhausting, fun and a lot of hard work. Being able to pick the two modules during the second semester allows you to tailor the course to your individual interests.
Abhishek (UK) MB ChB, Medicine
Some comments from 2009-10 students
(including the degree held when joining the programme)

Excellent. Better than I could have hoped for. The course was comprehensive and detailed whilst remaining interesting and enjoyable. All in all a hugely valuable year.
Robert (UK) BSc Biomedical Sciences

Well worth the trip from California! Everything I had hoped for and more.
Taylor (USA) BSc Cognitive Science

The MSc was the best learning experience I have undertaken, the level of teaching and supervision is excellent.
Mark (UK) BSc Psychology

The course was a great insight into just how incredible our nervous system, and the human body, is. Very intense but worth the effort.
Chelsea (New Zealand) BSc Molecular Cell Biology

I really enjoyed the course: the contents, the lecturers, the course mates! They work you hard enough (but not too hard) so you get a good balance and are actually to enjoy it.
Shu (Hong Kong) BSc Pharmacology

The course was really well organised and comprehensive, suitable/challenging enough for both science and gradautes from other disciplines. There was an excellent range of projects. The tutors were friendly, approachable and supportive, a thoroughly positive experience.
Nicola (UK) BSc Biomedical Sciences

Great lectures that give you a grasp of what is going on at the forefront of the field. Valuable experience in the techniques and methodology of scientific research in general.
Jon (UK) BSc, Medicinal Chemistry

I have learnt a huge amount this year. I could not have had a better start to my academic career.
Peter (Albania) BSc Biology
Some comments from 2008-09 students
(including the degree held when joining the programme)

The course was well organized and was flexible in choice of project.  Journal clubs were excellent.  
Lee (UK) BA Physiology and Psychology

I found it really a great fun but very challenging program.
Qais (UK) BSc Pharmacology

The MSc in Neuroscience is excellent and recommendable to anyone fascinated by the brain and motivated to become a professional neuroscientist.  It offers what best is available in terms of knowledge and facilities, leaving the student with a constructive amount of responsibility.
Artur (Portugal) BSc Biology

Good combination of taught course with a one-year research project.  Development of critical abilities in the course using a journal club.  
Anonymous (UK) BSc Neuroscience.

It was hard work abut I enjoyed it very much.  
Anonymous (UK) BSc Neuroscience
Some comments from 2007-08 students
(including the degree held when joining the programme)

Just being at UCL was fantastic.  The opportunity to do neuroscience was stimulating, rewarding and mind blowing.  
Anonymous (UK) MBA and UCL prequalifying year

Lectures cover many aspects from development to neurodegenerative diseases.  Lecturers are true experts in their field.  The project part is really central to the overall aim of the degree.  I am very glad that I chose UCL.  
Anonymous (France) BSc Neuroscience

The MSc Neuroscience is a very good course, intense but very enjoyable.  Especially the mix of theory and practical work in the lab makes this course a very good experience.  
Anonymous (Germany) BA Media &Culture Studies

The course was enjoyable and I am sure that this year of my life will be unforgettable!
Maria (Greece) Medicine

It was a  very challenging and demanding course but worth it as  it equips me with the necessary knowledge and skills I need  to move to other options.  
Anonymous (Brunei) BSc Pharmacology

It's a very good opportunity for me to study here.  I've got totally different educational experience and explored the world more.  Definitely I know more about neuroscience and understand there is more to go on researching.  
Ching-Hua (Taiwan) MD Chinese Medicine

The course was well structured and organised.  I found it enjoyable and interesting and learnt a lot of new things.  Very different to an undergraduate degree.  
Monika (UK) BSc Pharmacology

This was an enjoyable and informative course and I rate it highly.  
Alex (UK) BSc Biology

A very enriching and intense experience.  Hard work but interesting, so it's all for the best.  
Anonymous (France) MSc Physics

The course was intense yet well structured programme of study.  In many areas it highlighted the current research being carried out to understand the area more.  
Anonymous (UK) BSc Molecular Biology
Some comments from 2006-07 students
(including the degree held when joining the programme)

I feel fortunate for having taken this course - it was not my first choice, I would have preferred to go straight into a PhD, but I feel far better prepared for life as a scientist thanks to this year.
Paul (UK) BSc Neuroscience

The course organisation and content provide a fundamental basic requirement for the overall understanding of neurological disorders and highly recommended for any aspiring clinicians and practising clinicians with interest in neurology.
Sansui (Nigeria) MBBS

Great course if you're uncertain about research. I was able to determine whether a PhD was for me.
Mike (UK) BSc Natural Sciences

I enjoyed the course as it was nicely split up between practical and theoretical work. I imagined it a lot harder than it was and I was amazed that even someone who had a background in psychology could do well on the course.
Kate (Germany) BSc Psychology

Really enjoyed the course - interesting topics, expert teachers, great class!
Roxy (UK) BSc Developmental Biology

It's a wonderful year. I got lots more knowledge than expected. The lectures were extensive and well organized. The project in the lab was excellent and very enjoyable.
Wei (China) BA Biology
Some comments from 2005-06 students
(including the degree held when joining the programme)

I thought the course was well structured with many different subjects within the field of neuroscience being taught although demanding in terms of reading material, course also encourage students to ask questions and be critical.

A very good experience I have gained valuable lab experience.

I truly enjoyed my year at UCL the lectures were interesting and it was great to be able to learn from reading in their fields. It was definitely a challenging year but fulfilled, seeing the results of my hard work in my dissertation.
Some comments from 2004-05 students
(including the degree held when joining the programme)

It has been a great experience. It has provided me with essential knowledge in the field and interested me so much that I decided to continue my studies as a PhD student.
Anonymous (Cyprus) BSc Biology

The MSc Neuroscience is a very worthwhile course. Its really exposed me a great deal to the field and it certainly will be of benefit to me. I would definitely recommend it to others.
Samuel (Nigeria) MBBS

The course was more challenging then expected, however it was most enjoyable.
Angelina (UK) BSc Biological Sciences

A great experience, a very well organised course, which has a great amount of knowledge to offer. The lectures were very up to date.
Anonymous (Greece) BSc Biochemistry

A rare combination of weighty lab projects and excellent lectures. An unparallelleled choice of lab projects.
Ben (UK) BSc Biomedical Sciences

I really enjoyed the year, was very hard work but ultimately rewarding.
Helen (UK) BSc Experimental Psychology

I have got so much out of this course and am very glad that I did it.
Sarah (UK) BSc Human Sciences

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