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Bogue Research Fellowships

Charlotte and Yule Bogue Research Fellowships
In honour of Sir Charles Lovatt Evans and A.J. Clark

These Fellowships are provided by a substantial bequest from the late James Yule Bogue, former Research Fellow in the Department of Physiology and at one time Deputy Chairman of the Pharmaceuticals Division of ICI. They are available to postgraduate research students (subject to approval from the funding agency) and to postdoctoral researchers (normally within 6 years of receiving a doctoral degree). Their purpose is to support, either in full or in part, visits to carry out research in laboratories in the USA and Canada for up to 6 months, (due to limited funds, requests for up to 12 months will be considered only under exceptional circumstances, the majority of applications are for 3-6 months), in order to enrich the research experience and help develop the scientific career of the Fellow. Applications will also be considered for attendance at advanced, intensive, high quality laboratory-based courses at Cold Spring Harbor, Woods Hole and the like, but not for attendance at other types of meeting (see below).

Deadlines for Applications:

11th April 2014

31st October 2014

For more information about these fellowships please see the following word documents:

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