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Module code:ANAT3038(Add to my personalised list)
Title:Advanced Anatomy
Credit value:.5
Division:Division of Biosciences
Module organiser:Dr Wendy Birch
Organiser's location:Topographical Anatomy Laboratory, Rockefeller Buil
Available for students in Year(s):3,
Module prerequisites:ANAT2050 or MBBS Yrs 1 and 2. As places on this course are limited, marks in ANAT2050 courses will be taken into consideration. Students must have a 2:1 mark or better (at first attempt) in the prerequisite module. 
Module outline:The module offers students the opportunity to continue their studies of human anatomy through dissection and reading related literature. Each student will focus on a specific dissection project, chosen by them in consultation with the course tutor. This is complemented by a literature review of the anatomy of the region linked to an aspect of clinical, comparative, developmental or evolutionary significance. At the end of the Second Term each student hands in an essay on an anatomical topic related to their dissection topic. Reports should be typewritten (12 point font, double line spacing), and about 2,500 words (excluding figures and reference list). Apart from a description of the relevant anatomy, the essay should focus on a clinical, comparative or similar topic related to the dissection. Information derived from standard textbooks will not be adequate. You will be expected to read from primary research papers and to critically discuss the evidence from various viewpoints. Regarding assessment, there is no minimum mark for individual components but both must be completed satisfactorily, and the final mark for the module must total a minimum of 40%.  
Module aims:The aim of the module is to consolidate and deepen the students' knowledge of human anatomy, and to provide an introduction to a more scientific approach to the study of morphology through a specialized dissection project and a review of the relevant literature. The student will gain experience in dissection, writing and presentation skills. Moreover, the student will learn to plan and organize their final presentation independently.  
Module objectives:See above. 
Key skills provided by module:Dissection; organisation and planning of work; presentation. 
Module timetable: 
Module assessment:Dissection Viva 70.00%.
Project Report 30.00%. 
Notes:Contact Professor Susan Evans for more information about the module: Runs in Term 2, Block I (Fridays 2-5pm). 
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