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This module is available for: The next academic year(provisional)

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Module code:HCSCGH10(Add to my personalised list)
Title:Introduction to the Brain and Imaging the Brain
Credit value:15
Division:Division of Psychology and Language Sciences
Module organiser:Judit Druks
Organiser's location:Chandler House
Available for students in Year(s):1,
Module prerequisites:none 
Module outline: Module overview The module will introduce students to the central nervous system and to the functional localization of different parts of the brain. Particular emphasis will be placed on brain structures known to be involved in language processing. Students will learn about the different imaging technologies currently in use (MRI and fMRI, ERP and MEG and TMS), their relative strengths and weaknesses; the principles upon they are based; the research designs employed by them; and the interpretation of brain images derived from their use. The module will be taught by researchers who are experts in their field.  
Module aims:Preliminary outline of lectures 1. Introduction to the central nervous system 2. Introduction to the central nervous system 3. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI and functional MRI (fMRI) 4. How to design an fMRI study? 5. How to read papers that report an fMRI study and how to interpret fMRI images. 6. Methods to view the brain 7. Lesion and symptom mapping in aphasia. 8. Insights from transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) 9. Introduction to Event Related Potential (ERP) technique 10. ERP and magnetoencephalography (MEG) 10.  
Module objectives:The objective of the module is to enable students to read, understand and evaluate journal articles that report studies based on lesion analysis and imaging technologies and provide the base for carrying out similar work for their project and/or in their future career. 
Key skills provided by module: 
Module timetable: 
Module assessment:Unseen two hour written examination 100.00%.
Notes: Ward, J. (2006). The student's guide to cognitive neuroscience. Hove: Psychology Press Gupta, K. (2001). Human brain colouring workbook. The Princeton Review. Websites of interest on brain anatomy (there are many others, find them by by googleing)  
Taking this module as an option?:core module 
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