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21 November 2016, 10:24

Managing cyber risk: what senior executives and business owners need to know

Cyber security is a major issue for all businesses and is rapidly becoming a boardroom concern. As a growing threat for any organisation, the responsibility for defending a business from cyber attack can sit with senior executives who don't have security or IT backgrounds. So how do you manage this risk?

02 November 2016, 12:02

Learn to work and communicate well with deaf people: UCL launches new online deaf awareness course

According to the charity Action on Hearing Loss, one in six of us has a hearing loss – this will increase to one in five by 2035 (source). This means millions of people who need to work, access services, shop, enjoy entertainment and more may be experiencing barriers to doing so. Do you and your staff really understand what these barriers are and how you can help overcome them?

15 August 2016, 15:39

How to make sure your business can survive anything

Business continuity is a well-used concept and many businesses can tick the box of having some kind of continuity plan in place. However, making sure your business is truly resilient in the face of a disastrous incident is more than just jotting down a simple plan. Is your business resilient enough? The following tips, and a new UCL course, can help you make sure it is.