Literacy Foundations at F Stage and Key Stage 1 (KS1): from Mark Making to Writing

  • 7 hours
  • 1 day (9am to 4pm)


This one-day course will develop educational professionals’ understanding of the complexity of the writing process and writing development at Early Years Foundation (F) Stage and Key Stage 1 (KS1).

This course will look at core learning, including observing and assessing progression in writing, the role played by schema, motor-skill development and handwriting, fine-tuned teaching of the writing process and ways of shaping the learning environment to support writing development.

It's based on current research and evidenced theory and include practical applications which will have immediate impact in the classroom.

The workshop is delivered by UCL professionals with high levels of expertise and experience of early literacy development.

This course is run by the International Literacy Centre at the UCL Institute of Education (IOE). 

Who this course is for

The course is aimed at:

  • teachers
  • practitioners
  • newly qualified teachers (NQTs) at F stage and KS1

Course content

During the course you'll:

  • learn about theories and research that informs the teaching of early writing
  • understand how children's schema informs their early writing
  • explore how to develop fine and gross motor skills and handwriting
  • learn to assess progression in writing
  • learn how to guide incremental progress in writing
  • improve your understanding of how to shape a learning environment with opportunities to develop writing

Entry requirements

This course is only suitable for current practicing teachers in schools and educational settings.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you'll have:  

  • discussed the current research and evidenced theory on early writing
  • learnt practical applications to develop early writing that will have an immediate impact in the classroom
  • understood how to develop opportunities to develop writing that will shape the children's learning environment
  • enhanced your professional learning and be better equipped to ensure that children in F Stage and Year 1 are effective writers, which will improve children's literacy outcomes at the end of KS1 and KS2

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Course team

Jane Dallas

Jane is an international consultant in Early Literacy and an experienced teacher of F Stage and KS1.

Helen Morris

Helen is a member of the National Leadership team at the International Literacy Centre. Her experience includes teaching and supervision on MA Literacy learning and Literacy Difficulties at UCL.

She also delivers consultancy in school leadership and literacy teaching and in-school experience of teaching in all key stages and coordination of Special Education Needs (SEN).

Student review

Ellie P. - Literacy Foundations course participant, June 2015

"Thank you for a wonderfully informative day - it was an enjoyable course and highlighted many areas that I can see need improvement in our school."


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