Dubbing (for Translation)

  • 6 hours
  • 1 day


This one-day practical workshop will focus on the main principles that regulate dubbing, especially translation and dialogue writing.

You'll also have the opportunity to familiarise yourself with dubbing software like Windows Movie Maker.

You'll receive a certificate of attendance on completion.

This course is run by CenTraS - Centre for Translation Studies at UCL.

Who this course is for

This professional training course is open to:

  • undergraduate and postgraduate translation students
  • freelance translators
  • translation tutors
  • researchers

Course content and structure

After a definition of dubbing, the interaction between text and images will be discussed and you'll learn about the technical issues that constrain dubbing in terms of time and space.

We'll then look at the different conventions applied in what is considered standard practice in translation for dubbing:

  • take segmentation
  • dubbing symbols
  • lip-syncing
  • the emulation of oral discourse

All these concepts will be illustrated with examples and clips of dubbings into English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

An insight into the working environment will also be presented and some time will be left at the end for questions.

You'll be given a list of useful websites and other sources of information.

Practical work

You'll work with clips and will carry out some common tasks involved in dubbing, such as:

  • take segmentation (i.e. segmenting the translation according to different national conventions)
  • insertion of dubbing symbols for voice talents
  • the omnipresent lip-sync, according to the constraints imposed by the medium

We'll use Windows Movie Maker to help us make a simulated dubbing in the class, so that you can experience the technical and professional dimensions of dubbing.

Cost and concessions

The fees are as follows:

  • Student concession - £65
  • CIOL members / UCL staff - £103.50
  • Full rate - £115

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Course team

Professor Frederic Chaume

Frederic is Honorary Visiting Professor in Translation at UCL and Professor in Audiovisual Translation at Universitat Jaume I (Spain).

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