UCL launches professional development courses for the telecoms industry

14 February 2017

UCL's department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering has now opened up its Master's programmes so that a more flexible method of study is available to those working in the telecoms industry.

Have you thought about completing a Master's degree but just can't fit it around your work?

You can now choose from a large selection of telecoms/telecoms-related modules available as individual short courses. They're typically four or five days long.

You can complete an individual course simply for career development purposes, or you can bank credits towards a flexible MSc programme.

Benefit from the latest research and knowledge in your sector

The courses are delivered by staff with experience both of general business principles and of telecommunications markets and technologies.

Tap into world-leading research and UCL’s world-class telecommunications and business expertise to give your company a competitive edge.

Courses available

Click on the course titles below to find out more.

Services and business

Strategy, Marketing and Product Management (Telecoms)

Software for Network Services and Design

Finance and Business Environment (Telecoms & ICT)

Customer Service, Operations and Planning (Telecoms & ICT)

Telecommunications Business Environment

Network and Services Management - 20 February 2017

Organisational Design, People Management and Innovation - 6 March 2017

RF technologies

Antennas and Propagation

RF Circuits and Devices - 20 February 2017

Optical technologies

Photonic Devices (Advanced)

Optical Transmission Networks

Photonic Sub-Systems

Networks and communication fundamentals

Telecommunications Networks: an Introduction

Broadband Technologies and Components

Communications Systems Modelling

Network Planning and Operations


Mobile Communications Systems

Wireless Communications Principals - 13 March 2017

IP technologies and architecture

Internet Protocol Networks (IP): an Introduction


Radar Systems (Electronic Engineering)

Other courses

Internet of Things (IoT): Introduction to Understanding and Designing IoT Systems - 27 February 2017

Cyber Threats and Solutions: Managing Cyber Risk for Senior Executives contact us to discuss bespoke options for your organisation


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