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Reader Services Staff

Group Manager for Reader Services

Vincent Matthews
020-7679-2607 or Internal: 32607

Enquiry Desks

Head of Enquiry Services Debs Furness 020-7679-2210 or Internal: 32210 d.furness@ucl.ac.uk

Issue Desks

Head of Issue Desk Services Elisabeth Hannon 020-7679-1342 or Internal: 31342 e.hannon@ucl.ac.uk
Main Library, Issue Desk Head Rachel Nelligan 020-7679-2635 or Internal: 32635 rachel.nelligan@ucl.ac.uk
Main Library, Issue Desk Supervisor Esther Gladwell 020-7679-2084 or Internal: 32084 e.gladwell@ucl.ac.uk
Science Library, Issue Desk Head Jason Hobart 020-7679-2635 or Internal: 32635 j.hobart@ucl.ac.uk
Science Library, Issue Desk Supervisor Tom Claydon 020-7679-7731 or Internal: 37731 t.claydon@ucl.ac.uk
Cruciform Library, Issue Desk Head Shekufeh Whittaker 020-7679-6980 or Internal: 46980 s.whittaker@ucl.ac.uk
Bartlett Library, Issue Desk Head Michela Monachesi 020-7679-5445 or Internal: 25445 m.monachesi@ucl.ac.uk
Institute of Archaeology, Issue Desk Head Katie Meheux 020-7679-4733 or Internal: 24733 k.meheux@ucl.ac.uk

Interlending & Document Supply

Head of Interlending Lesley Bugden 020-7679-7794 or Internal: 37794 l.bugden@ucl.ac.uk
Interlending e-mail: interloans@ucl.ac.uk

Other reader services

Head of Membership Services Matthew Reynolds 020-7679-7110 or Internal: 37110 lib-membership@ucl.ac.uk
Head of Photocopying and Re-shelving Robert Pinckney 020-7679-2638 or Internal: 32638 r.pinckney@ucl.ac.uk

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Last modified 27 March 2014

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