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UCL Press blog

Futurebook 2014

Thu, 27 Nov 2014 16:29:29 +0000

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the Bookseller Futurebook conference – the biggest digital publishing conference in Europe. With over 700 attendees and over 40 expert speakers it was a great event and very inspiring. I attended talks on how digital is impacting the editorial process, who publishers should be hiring, current trends […]


Peer review – new frontiers

Thu, 27 Nov 2014 16:27:46 +0000

Peer review is a subject of much debate and different publishers and groups are coming up with new peer review systems that challenge the traditional model. I recently attended the afternoon panel discussion on peer review at the CrossRef Annual Member meeting. There were a range of speakers and the focus was on the peer […]


Meeting of University Press Production Managers

Mon, 03 Nov 2014 14:12:01 +0000

I recently went to the University of Wales Press offices in Cardiff to take part in a meeting with production managers of other small university presses. In attendance among others were managers from Liverpool University Press and Manchester University Press.  Our agenda for the meeting included a wide range of topics such as XML workflows, […]


UCL Press

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Publish Your Book with UCL Press

UCL Press is currently in development and will start publishing books and more journals in 2015. We welcome proposals in all the genres listed below and you will find all the information you need here for submitting a proposal.

Our full website will launch in June 2015 when we announce our first publishing programme.

UCL is delighted to announce the establishment of UCL Press. UCL is committed to celebrating the achievements and innovation of its world-class researchers. The mission of UCL Press is to promote academic excellence and support research, and to do so through a range of Open Access publishing activities.

All titles published by UCL Press will be made available in Open Access digital form through UCL Discovery, as well as in print-on-demand and consumer e-book formats available commercially. All books will be produced with high-quality design and typesetting. UCL Press will meet the costs of publication for any books accepted by the Press that are either written solely by UCL staff, or in the case of multi-author volumes, where a UCL member of staff leads the project or is one of the authors. As the Press develops, we will also seek to publish books by non-UCL authors, and UCL Press welcomes recommendations from UCL staff for potential authors from outside the University.

Call for Proposals

UCL is seeking proposals in all the categories listed below. To submit your proposal please see the proposal submission form. Once completed please send to Lara Speicher, Publishing Manager.

Publishing Process

UCL Press is committed to publishing books of the highest academic standard. The publishing activity and peer-review processes of the Press will be overseen by the UCL Press Board, consisting of senior members of staff for a range of disciplines in UCL, and chaired by Professor David Price. UCL Press is a department of UCL Library Services, and Dr Paul Ayris is Acting Chief Executive.

Proposals are welcomed in the following areas:

Monographs, monograph series and edited collections

UCL Press is soliciting proposals for scholarly monographs from UCL staff in all subjects, including proposals for books that embrace interdisciplinary, intercultural and international approaches. We will also consider PhD dissertations that have been substantially revised for publication, and that are specially recommended by supervisors. Innovative proposals with any approach are welcome.

Open Access Journals

UCL Press has developed an Open Access journal infrastructure that enables UCL staff and others to publish their own journal. The full text of accepted articles is stored in and served from UCL’s digital repository, UCL Discovery. The presentation layer for the journal runs on top of the repository and uses OJS (Open Journal System) software. OJS allows the Editorial Board, which is run by the journal editors, to track the receipt and peer review of manuscripts, and to build each issue of the journal. OJS also provides the official user interface to the journal, delivering the contents page of each issue. UCL currently hosts two journals: Slovo, Tropos and The Journal of Bentham Studies.

UCL Press meets the hosting costs of its journal publications, and is keen to hear from UCL representatives of Editorial Boards who are considering either establishing a new journal or migrating an existing journal to an Open Access platform. For further information see Journals.


UCL Press would be pleased to consider previously published books written by current and former UCL staff, in which rights have reverted to the author.

Text books

UCL Press is interested in proposals for textbooks in any of the disciplines taught at UCL.

Conference proceedings

UCL Press is pleased to consider publishing the proceedings of peer-reviewed conferences held at UCL or organised by staff at UCL.


UCL Press is keen to discuss proposals encompassing non-traditional publishing models and supporting innovation in research dissemination.

Open Access

UCL is acknowledged as a European leader in Open Access. Open Access has its philosophical roots in the traditional values and goals of the academy – collegiality, research and knowledge creation as a shared endeavour, a collaborative approach to enquiry, the furtherance of human understanding and the diffusion of knowledge to the benefit of society at large.

Benefits of publishing your book as Open Access

  • Increased usage, visibility and impact
  • Makes the results of publicly funded research available to all through a free, unrestricted online access system
  • Creates a global knowledge resource for the benefit of all
  • Enhances the public profile of our researchers as well as those of other universities
  • Access to UCL research for policy and decision makers

Contact UCL Press

Please contact Lara Speicher, Publishing Manager, if you have any questions or if you would like to discuss your proposal further before submitting it.

Lara Speicher
x 33165

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