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TLSS news

New CLA Licence

We are pleased to announce that the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) are launching a new blanket licence on August 1st 2008. The Photocopying and Scanning Licences maintains many of the same features of the licence that we are all familiar with, however, a major cohort of US publishers will now also be included in what the CLA term the 'repetoire' of the Licence. A full list of these US publishers is available on the CLA webpages.
Please note that all US publishers do participate in this licence. There are some notable exclusions, e.g. Harvard University Press.

After August 1st, the TLSS will be checking and scanning any material that is submitted for Terms 1 and 2 of the next academic session according to the new limits of the licence, so US material that qualifies will automatically be scanned. We will, of course, inform anyone submitting materials which format their readings will be made available in.

Please contact us in TLSS if you have any questions regarding this development.

Posted: July 2008

Creating a digital course reading collection: Phase 1 completed

In September of last year the Teaching & Learning Support Section (TLSS) completed the first phase of a project to enhance taught course support by increasing the number of course readings it delivers electronically. Following an extension to UK blanket copyright licensing, readings that have previously been submitted to the paper Teaching Collection have been scanned and made available online via the reading list system. Departments involved in the initial phase of the project include: Anthropology, Laws, History, History of Art, English and Political Science. The project proved successful with 466 items being made available online. A detailed report is available to download here.

In line with Library Services' strategic plan to increase digital delivery, phase 2 of the project will begin in Spring 2007. The remaining paper Teaching Collections will be checked for compliance with the scanning licence and material will be transferred to digital format in liaison with the academic departments. The ultimate goal is to extend provision creating digitial course collections that exploit UCL's growing electronic library and evolving licensing argeements, thus making core course materials even more accessible to students.

Posted: January 2007

New Course Readings Service

Library Services is pleased to announce the extension of our existing Teaching and Learning Support Section (TLSS) services to include the creation and delivery of digital course readings. This has been made possible by a development in UK Higher Education copyright licensing.

The Copyright Licensing Agency's Trial HE Scanning Licence allows the production of digital copies to support students on a specific course of study. Many of the terms of the licence are identical to the HE Photocopying Licence, including the limits on the amount that can be copied. However, the licence only allows digital copies to be made of material printed in the United Kingdom. More on the terms of the new licence.

The TLSS Course Readings Service will incorporate the existing paper Teaching Collection services and will also create digital versions of core readings (which comply with the terms of the licence) submitted by academic staff. Digtial readings will be delivered as PDF files via an Online Reading List or WebCT. Material not covered by the licence will be added to the paper collection. Departments interested in carrying out extensive scanning of course readings should contact the TLSS for details of their mediated service.

The terms of the Scanning Licence require the Copyright Officer to report details of all material scanned under licence to the Copyright Licensing Agency on a regular basis. Furthermore, scanning of material can only be undertaken by "designated persons", anyone wishing to carry out scanning of copyrighted material should contact the TLSS before taking any action.

Posted: March 2006

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