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Find a Library space – new tool coming soon

New technology is being introduced across the UCL campus to help us make better use of our space. Small devices are being placed under desks throughout UCL libraries’ 4,000 study spaces. The devices use infra-red technology to detect if a desk is available. The data from these will be used to show students where there are available study spaces through a web-based dashboard. Occupied and available space will be shown by red or green markers on library floor plans. This will make it far easier for students to find available space in the future.

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New toilets in the Main Library

New toilet facilities are now available in the Main Library. Male and female toilets can be found on the first floor at the north end, and a male toilet has been installed on the second floor above the Flaxman Gallery.

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Fines amnesty

From the start of term, 25th September 2017, Library Services has reintroduced the £20 limit on outstanding fines. Once your fines have reached this amount you will not be able to borrow or renew books or collect inter-library loans until the fines have been paid.

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Celebrating Soseki

UCL Library Services recently participated in an event to celebrate the 150th anniversary since the birth of author Natsume Soseki (Natsume Kinnosuke), one of the greatest Japanese novelists of the 20th century. During the event, publishers Iwanami Shoten donated a complete set of Soseki’s works, Soseki Zenshu to UCL's library collection.

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Statement on David Irving books

An article in the Sunday Times published on 6th August 2017 noted that UCL Library Services has taken a number of steps which address the concerns raised by Dr Irene Lancaster in relation to books by Holocaust denier David Irving.

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