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ReadingLists@UCL for teaching staff

Getting started

Step 1:

Complete this webform. A reading list will be set up and you will receive an invitation to give you editing access: the email will appear to be from 'Talis', the software. The first time you accept an invitation you will be prompted to set up a Profile.

Step 2:

You will be sent brief instructions to get started and we will also offer you a short (20 minute) orientation session.

Step 3:

Add a bookmarking button into your web browser. You only need to do this once and we can show you how.  You are ready to edit your lists!

Online quick guides

Contact information

The service is supported by the TLS:

Frequently Asked Questions

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E-journal or pdf links don’t work
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Which web browsers are supported?
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How do I create a new reading list for the next academic year? (Rollover)
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