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Classics reading room

The principal collections for Greek, Latin and Papyrology are in the North Corridor of  UCL Main Library. The CLASSICS prefix indicates books on Classical studies generally as well as Greek and Latin language and literature, separating into two sequences for the latter subjects. It allows for an alphabetical order on the shelves by ancient author, with editions followed by literary and textual criticism, biography, etc. A guide to the Garside classification scheme is available. The major series of Greek and Latin texts including Scriptorum classicorum bibliotheca Oxoniensis (the “Oxford Classical Texts” or “OCT”) and The Loeb Classical Library (also available online) are held. The Papyrology collection is indicated by the prefix PAPYROLOGY. The collection is especially strong in texts, studies and series relating to the decipherment of ancient papyri, e.g.: The Oxyrhynchus papyri. The classification scheme allows for an alphabetical sequence of editions of papyrological texts.

Other collections which may be relevant include ANCIENT HISTORY, HEBREW & JEWISH STUDIES, COMPARATIVE PHILOLOGY, Roman Law (part of the LAW collection), LANGUAGE & SPEECH SCIENCE and PHILOSOPHY. The CLASSICAL ARCHAEOLOGY and EGYPTOLOGY collections (including Egyptian papyrological texts) are located in the UCL Institute of Archaeology Library. The UCL Main Library also holds a PALAEOGRAPHY collection.

Journal collections

This section in the Main Library also houses those journals with the prefixes CLASSICS Pers & PAPYROLOGY Pers. Many more titles are available online.

Online resources

An extensive range of e-resources are available and these databases will be of interest to those studying classics and papyrology.

Other Internet resources

  • Electronic Resources for Classicists first published in the New England Classical Journal in 1994 includes links to “Large databases” and “Electronic journals” and "Classics Departments".
  • The Perseus Digital Library : The Perseus project at Tufts University is a multimedia digital library on Ancient Greece which includes primary and secondary texts and images.
  • The Papyrology Home Page includes an extensive set of links to institutions, images of papyri and other web sites concerned with papyrological research.
  • The Classics Page includes a wealth of very useful links including The Latin Library

General Resources

The Institute of Classical Studies Library/Joint Library of the Hellenic and Roman Societies has one of the finest collections in Classics in the country. Postgraduate members of UCL can apply for a reference ticket, or members (annual subscription payable) of the Societies have borrowing privileges.

ICS/Joint Library

UCL Library Services offers training and support to all staff and students. However, if you prefer, please do get in touch with me directly using the contact details on the right.


New accessions

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The new accessions list for September 2016 now available

E-books on demand

Wednesday, 05 October 2016

    UCL Libraries run  series of projects that directly involve users in the acquisition of e-book content – currrently this involves: Cambridge Books Online JSTOR Wiley Online Library Go to our Ebooks on demand@UCL  to find out more.  

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy (REP)

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

UCL Libraries now have institutional access to the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy which means that you can enjoy access to over 2,700 articles covering unparalleled breadth and diversity of subject matter in Philosophy including 163 articles on ancient philosophy.

E-books on demand@UCL continues in 2016-17

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The popular E-books on demand@UCL projects are to continue in the 2016-17 academic year with even more new e-books being added as they are published throughout the year. See our Ebooks on demand@UCL webpage to find out more about the various projects.

Institute of Archaeology Library will be closed on Saturday 3rd September 2016

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The scaffolders will be installing portable cabins onto the scaffold gantry outside the Institute of Archaeology building and because of the health and safety issues the Institute of Archaeology Library will be closed on Saturday 3rd September 2016. Access to the building will be also limited for staff and students. Apologies for any inconvenience this […]