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Study pack preparation guidelines


The Teaching and Learning Support Section (TLSS) offers a studypack production service for if:

  • Digitisation is not possible as the reading falls outside of the copyright limits
  • There are more than 6 readings which can only be made available in paper format
  • The tutor would prefer a studypack to using the Paper Course readings collection ("Teaching Collection")

The TLSS can offer expertise in checking copyright and requesting copyright permission from publishers where necessary. The purpose of this guide is to provide information for staff about the procedures involved.

  • Department compiles a complete list of the proposed contents of the studypack and submits it to the Teaching & Learning Support Section (TLSS) as a word document
  • TLSS check the readings fall within the limits of the CLA Licence for paper copying. If any readings can be digitised, they will be scanned and not included in the studypack
  • Where readings fall outside of the CLA licence limits for paper copying, the TLSS seeks permission from the rights holder, and informs the department of the copyright fees
  • The department approves the fees and the readings can be printed: or refuses the fees and TLSS cancels the permission contract. New readings can be suggested to replace those removed
  • Department sends one set of original photocopies to the UCL Reprographics department, CATS : TLSS can advise on how to do this. Printed packs are delivered direct to the department. The department deposit either a final contents list, or one studypack to the TLSS for their records.
Contents and contents list

The content is entirely up to the course organisers: lecture notes, periodical articles, chapters or sections of books etc. can be used. However, to avoid delays, the proposed contents list must provide the full bibliographic details for each extract, incluing the author, title, publisher, date of publication of the source, ISBN or ISSN, as well as the number of pages and details of the extract to be included. This is important to ensure lists can be checked quickly: citations with insufficient detail with be returned.

The library needs to have a firm figure of the number of packs to be produced, as any copyright fees are based on this and the number of pages of the extract.


The copyright limits are the same as for other paper course readings i.e. as long as UCL library holds a copy of the original source, and the CLA licence covers the publisher, we can include 1 chapter / article / 5% etc. of a source.

Please note that these limits are per course: this means one chapter or 5% of a source for the whole year for one course. This encompasses all uses of that source, e.g. PDF readings, paper handouts in class and paper Teaching Collection copies.

If more than one chapter or 5% is to be used, then copyright clearance is required. Similarly, permission is required if the material is not covered by the CLA licence for other reasons, such as some foreign publishers, or if the source is not held by UCL. In these cases, the TLSS will inform the department and request permission from the rights holders. You may wish to use an alternative extract if there are difficulties in obtaining permission.

Permission lasts for 1 academic year and will have to be re-requested for use in subsequent years.


In previous years the TLSS have used UCL's Reprographics department, CATS, for the production of studypacks and we recommend this option. The most appropriate package currently offered is heat binding, with a taped spine and card front and back covers: the TLSS will be happy to show you examples of previous packs produced. A contents page must be included, providing full details of extracts and their sources and any acknowledgements if permission has been granted.

Departments should be aware that the CLA are entitled to visit an institution to check compliance with the terms of the licence, so you must ensure that any copyright notices stipulated by copyright holders are prominently displayed. A copy of the pack, or a final version of the contents list, must also be deposited with the TLSS.

See the CATS webpage for details on contacting staff for more information.


Printing and any copyright fees must be borne by departments. You must have your Department's approval, and funds in place to pay any potential fees, before asking the TLSS to request any permissions for you.

Departments are responsible for distributing packs and can sell them to students to recoup copyright and printing costs, but not to make a profit.

It has proved impossible to estimate the likely copyright cost for any items which require permission, as it varies so greatly. We will notify you of any permission fee: if you approve it, we will pay the invoice and send your department an IDT (Inter Departmental Transfer) for the total cost. If you do not agree to the fee, we will cancel the permission contract.


The Library needs references for all published material for copyright clearance at least 8 weeks before the date the pack is to be given to students: publishers can take 4-6 weeks to reply to a request. For submission deadline dates, please see here.

If you have any questions about producing a study pack please contact:

June Hedges, ext. 30106
Hazel Ingrey, Teaching and Learning Support Section, ext. 32087 or
E-mail enquires should be addressed to library-tlss@ucl.ac.uk

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