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UCL Library Services Strategy 2011-2014

Key Performance Area: Student Experience

Library Services is at the heart of the UCL Student Experience. The Library provides excellent support, world-class collections and innovative services. In the context of an international and diverse student population with increasingly high expectations, the Library will strive to develop  services in an ever more innovative and student-focused way. These aims are informed by institutional strategies such as the Institutional Teaching and Learning Strategy.

UCL Library Services will explore the potential of new technologies and opportunities to enhance collections and support services. The Library will invest in developing UCL’s infrastructure to support new ways of learning, in particular by creating state-of-the-art learning spaces.



UCL Library Services will continue to invest in the development of UCL Library Services’ collections in appropriate formats; to provide access to the materials required by all UCL students; and to provide the means for all users to identify and access the materials they require.

  • Acquire and provide access to all materials required for taught courses up to and including taught Masters level.
  • Increase the number of ebooks to replace multiple copies of textbooks.
  • Embed Special Collections in the student experience at all levels.
  • Ensure all resources required by students are catalogued.

The UCL student community is set to become an increasingly diverse body with divergent needs. The Library will strive to provide services that recognise the various needs of our student users and ensure them equitable access to services and resources.

  • Harmonise the provision of key services to all our students.
  • Enable Issue Desk and other front line staff to deliver support for basic IT enquiries.
  • Increase the number of channels used to communicate with library users.
  • Make appropriate improvements to opening hours to reflect the needs of all UCL users for access throughout the year.
  • Optimise Library-managed electronic services for delivery to mobile devices.

Support for teaching
With all courses having a presence in the UCL Virtual Learning Environment by September 2011, UCL staff increasingly need support in navigating issues related to finding, re-using and integrating resources into online teaching. UCL Library Services will support UCL staff in the development and delivery of their teaching, both online and in the classroom, by providing access to a range of services and resources.

  • Implement a reading list system that enables UCL teaching staff to create and maintain readings lists that direct students to the full range of resources held locally and on the wider Web.
  • Increase the proportion of course materials delivered in digital format.
  • Develop a framework for future investment in multimedia resources to support teaching by UCL staff.
  • Work with other central services to provide UCL teaching staff with support and advice regarding the discovery and use of resources to integrate into their classroom and online teaching.

Skills development
The Library will work to equip all UCL students and staff (including Library Services' staff) with the skills to navigate their way around and to use resources, developing technologies and new modes of delivering teaching, in line with the UCL Key Skills system.

  • Review provision of face-to-face and online information skills training across and beyond UCL to identify best practice, while still recognising that different academic departments have different needs.
  • Increase the numbers of students attending information skills training sessions.
  • Provide support and training in locations beyond the Libraries (e.g. Engineering Cafe) and outside the timetabled curriculum (e.g. drop-in training sessions).
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