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Scandinavian Collections

The Scandinavian Library was destroyed in 1940, but many of the rare books had been evacuated. These included books from the collection of John Daulby, including inscribed presentation copies from Norse scholars, given by the widow of William Caldwell Roscoe (1823-59) who had inherited them. In 1953 2,200 volumes were bought from the Icelandic collection of Herra Snaebjörn Jonsson of Reykjavik, including many early works. Another c.800 volumes on Iceland were bequeathed c.1964 by Miss Ingibjörg Olafsson. The libraries of the Viking Society for Northern Research (most of which was bombed), the Norwegian Club (mainly travel books) and the Norwegian Embassy have been absorbed. The latter is still maintained as a separate collection. There are some 400 pre-1850 volumes.