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Malacological Society

The principal collections are the Library of the Folklore Society, deposited in 1911, regarded as one of the foremost collections on the subject in the world; the library of the London Mathematical Society (whose archive the Library also holds), consisting mainly of periodicals but also notably contains 8 pre-1700 volumes, deposited in 1929; the library of the Malacological Society, deposited in 1930, containing 38 pre-1700 volumes on molluscs; the library of the Hertfordshire Natural History Society, including 30 pre-1700 items, of which 6 are incunabula, deposited in 1935; the library of the Huguenot Society, deposited in 1957, which includes the Royal Bounty papers and the Wagner genealogical collections; and the library of the Royal Statistical Society, deposited in 1985.

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