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History Store

over 5,000 vols.

The pre-1850 history collections include economic history and Latin American history, as well as British and European history. The original library on economics, called the Ricardo Library, founded in 1839 as a result of raising a fund by subscription is now scattered, part being in the history store collections.

The Latin American History library, one of the best collections in its field, now contains c.500 pre-1851 volumes, mostly post-1800. The collection is particularly strong in travellers’ accounts of the early 19th century, and general histories. There are further important Latin American collections in the Geography and Spanish sections, as well as a major collection of Latin American Business Archives among the manuscript collections.

There are works on the history of Africa, India, Russia, Austria and the Ottoman Empire but the bulk of the collection concerns Britain and France, with particular emphases on British local history and the history of the French Revolution. The History Store Series are the publications of various historical societies such as the Selden Society, and the Harleian Society, among others.