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Grant, R.E. Papers

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Diplomas, 1814-1852, and letters, 1871-1874, of Robert Edmond Grant (1793-1874), Professor of Comparative Anatomy, UCL 1828-1874. His small but important library of early medical works has been incorporated into the Strong Rare Books Collections.

Further Grant papers accessioned separately:

  • MS ADD 1 - 1 volume of student's notes on lectures in Comparative Anatomydelivered at UCL between 4 October and 23 December 1830. 1 volume. Catalogued in D.K. Coveney, Descriptive catalogue of the manuscripts in the Library of University College (London, 1935).
  • MS ADD 38 and MS ADD 39 - 2 volumes of student's notes on lectures by Grant on Comparative Anatomy delivered at UCL, Session 1832/33 and 1833/34.