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Franciscan Society Collection

200 volumes.

The International Society for Franciscan Studies was founded in 1902 by Paul Sabatier (1858-1928), and a British Branch with Sabatier as its President was established in the same year, with a library from the outset. In 1907 this branch was reorganised as the British Society of Franciscan Studies, which was primarily a society for publishing texts and studies on Franciscan history and the religious life in the Middle Ages. It also became associated with productions of the Little plays of St. Francis by Laurence Housman at University College, the proceeds from which supported the Society. In 1938 the Society disbanded and deposited its books in the College Library. The collection, of c.200 volumes, includes, in addition to the Society’s publications, a general collection on St. Francis of Assisi and the history of the Franciscan order; mainly early 20th century, but with three of the 17th, eight of the 18th, four of the earlier and thirty-one of the later 19th century. The Society had printed a catalogue of its library in 1904, of which the Library holds a copy with additions up to 1938 noted largely in the hand of R.W. Chambers.