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Chadwick Papers

250 boxes and 500 volumes

Correspondence, memoranda, pamphlets and newspaper cuttings, c.1820-90 of Sir Edwin Chadwick (1800-1890), Secretary, Poor Law Commission 1834-48; Commissioner of the General Board of Health 1848-54, sanitary reformer and disciple of Bentham. Over half the collection consists of correspondence with eminent figures of the day, including Anthony Ashley Cooper, 7th Earl of Shaftesbury; Hugh, 3rd Earl Fortescue; George Howard,7th Earl of Carlisle; Joseph Hume, John Stuart Mill, Lyon Playfair, Lord John Russell, Southwood Smith, and Frederick Ward. Chadwick also kept drafts and copies of many letters he himself wrote. The remaining papers are mostly arranged in subject bundles covering thewide range of Chadwick's interests, principally: police reform, the Poor Law Commission, public health and sanitation, buildings and education. The collection was given to the College in 1898 through Sir Benjamin Richardson, Chadwick's biographer, together with some 500 books and pamphlets from his library.

The Correspondence section of this collection has been published on microfilm by Harvester Press.

The Papers of Sir Edwin Chadwick: A Handlist, compiled by J. Percival (2nd edition London, 1983).

See also the archives of the Chadwick Trust held by the Library.