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Beesly Papers

5 boxes

Correspondence, papers and lecture notes of Edward Spencer Beesly (1831-1915), Professor of History at UCL 1860-1893. The collection contains lecture notes on history; newspaper cuttings; papers of other members of the family, printed reports; pamphlets containing articles by or about Beesly; other pamphlets and reviews; other printed works; and an autographed photograph of Karl Marx. There is also some small amount of correspondence, including sets of Beesly's own letters to Henry Crompton and to Frederic Harrison which were probably returned to the family after his death. There are also a few letters to Beesly's brother A H Beesly and to Alfred Beesly, E S Beesly's son. The collection covers the dates 1852 to 1915. There are also letters written by Beesly relating to UCL business, held in the College Correspondence.

Handlist and index available.