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Noise disruption in the library

Replacement work on the UCL Institute of Archaeology lifts is currently taking place and users should be aware that it is extremely noisy in the library.


Study spaces

UCL Institute of Archaeology

Address and contact details

  • Address: 5th Floor, Institute Of Archaeology, 31-34 Gordon Square, WC1H 0PY (View map)
  • Tel: 020 7679 4788 (internal: x 24788)
  • Fax: 020 7679 7373
  • Nearest tube: Euston, Warren Street, Goodge Street, Euston Square
  • Opening hours

Subject coverage and guides

The Institute of Archaeology Library houses collections relating to the following subject areas:


The Library is located on the fifth floor of the Institute of Archaeology building on the North (Euston Road) end numbers 31-34 of Gordon Square.The entrance to the building faces the square. External visitors should take the lift (or stairs) and report to the Library on the fifth floor. The Library's entry system requires them to supply details of their status before they may be admitted to use the Library. UK and foreign academics are admitted without charge as are higher degree students. Undergraduates from other UK universities are admitted free of charge in vacation periods.

Disabled access

Wheelchair access to the Library is available via the main lift. We also offer a range of other facilities for users with disabilities which are listed separately.


From October 2013, new MFDs (multi-functional devices) will be available throughout the Institute building and library allowing staff and current students to print, scan and copy in both colour and black and white. All three service are now offered in one stream-lined service through ISD and credit for copying and printing (scanning is free) can be obtained following the same routes. There is a cash loader machine in the library for topping up student 'print' accounts. Accounts can also be topped up online using credit cards. Information on charges, credit and general printing can be found on the ISD web pages.

IT & Audiovisual Provision

There are four Explore catalogue terminals, two in the main Reading Room and 2 in the first of the side Reading Rooms.

Video playback facilities are also available, along with a microfiche reader.

Inter Library Loans

The InstituteLibrary participates in the centralised inter library loans service for UCL staff and students