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Current disruptions

Main Library and Roof Garden Student Hub

Users of the UCL Main Library and the Roof Garden Student Hub may experience noise disruption from construction works taking place on the new UCL Wilkins Terrace, and the new UCL Student Centre.

Wilkins Terrace Project

Current works on the project include extension and refurbishment of the UCL Lower Refectory and construction of the new Portland stone Wilkins Upper Terrace. 

Please note:

Steel decking for the new terrace is being installed on site. As the steel decking needs to be cut and fixed it is anticipated that these steelworks will cause noise disruption in the Main Library. Areas of the Main Library expected to be most affected are the Donaldson and the Romance Languages reading rooms.
The contractor is taking measures to minimise the disruption caused by these works, installing sound barriers across the site to dampen down noise levels.

New UCL Student Centre

The Gordon Street site is currently being prepared for construction of the new UCL Student Centre.  

Please note:

Demolition of the existing Node staircase to the rear of the Bloomsbury Theatre will begin in the third week of March.  These demolition works are expected to cause noise disruption to surrounding buildings, including the Main Library and Roof Garden Student Hub. The contractor will be using noise mitigation techniques during these works.

Noise cancelling headphones can be borrowed from the Main Library Short Loan Collection.

UCL Senate House Hub has opened to provide study space away from the construction works and can be used for quiet or social study.

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