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UCL bibliometrics policy and the wider context

UCL's policy

UCL is currently developing a policy on the responsible use of bibliometrics. The policy will take into account a number of existing developments and best practices: the needs of UCL authors, researchers and colleagues and their use of current bibliometric tools; the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA); and the Leiden Manifesto for research metrics.

UCL was one of the first universities to sign DORA, which challenges the use of the Journal Impact Factor as a surrogate for the quality of individual research outputs. Along more general lines, the Leiden Manifesto identifies 10 principles to guide research evaluation.

UCL will use all these insights in the development of an institutional policy on the use and management of bibliometric approaches to research outputs.

It is recognised that bibliometrics are generally focussed on citation data from journal articles and may therefore be less relevant in disciplines that are less reliant on journal publishing, such as the arts, humanities, social sciences, computing science and engineering.

The wider context

Examples of bibliometric analyses which include UCL
Metrics standards
Bibliometrics and the REF (Research Excellence Framework)
DORA (San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment)