UCL Library Services


How to create an RPS record and upload your manuscript

All UCL research outputs should be uploaded to UCL’s Research Publications Service (RPS).

The Open Access Team will make your paper open access through UCL Discovery, UCL's open access repository, according to the publisher’s copyright permissions (usually after a delay period).

  1. Log in to RPS
  2. Click on the the + symbol next to the relevant publication type (e.g. journal articles):

    Add article
  3. Search for your publication:

  4. If your search is found, click 'Claim':


    Then click 'View your publication details' (ignore the message saying your publication is deposited - this does not relate to file uploads):


    Then click 'Go to the deposit page' in the UCL Discovery box (ignore the Green deposited status, this does not relate to file uploads):

    Go deposit

    Now go to step 7 below.

  5. If your paper is not found, click 'Skip':


    And enter details of the paper manually:


    For articles and conference proceedings, required fields are:

    1. Your relationship with the article (eg. author)
    2. Type eg. article, letter (for journal articles)
    3. Title
    4. Authors
    5. Journal name (for journal articles)
    6. Acceptance date (when the publisher notified the corresponding author that the paper is proceeding to publication)
    7. Publication date (actual or estimated - must be on or after date of acceptance)
  6. Click 'Save'


    Then 'Deposit your publication':

  7. Navigate to your copy of the file using the 'Choose file' button:

  8. For journal articles and conference proceedings, select the version you are uploading (accepted or published). This should normally be the accepted manuscript, since few publishers allow the published version to be made open access through a repository. Then click upload:

  9. Click 'Deposit my publication' to authorise UCL Discovery to make your paper open access (after any required embargo):


For help managing your records in RPS, contact RPS Support. For help uploading files, contact the Open Access Team.