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About open access

Open access means making research publications freely available online. It ensures that your work reaches the widest possible audience, and that it can be used and shared easily. 

UCL policy

All UCL research must be uploaded to UCL’s Research Publications Service (RPS), to ensure that it complies with the REF open access policy and UCL's Publications Policy

It will be made open access through UCL Discovery according to the publisher’s copyright permissions (usually after a delay period). 

If your research is funded by an external research funder, check our funder pages for details of their open access policy.

Types of open access

There are two types of open access, Green and Gold.

Some funders require Gold open access. At UCL, central Gold funds are available for papers funded by the UK Research Councils and the COAF medical charities.

UCL encourages Green open access where possible. However, UCL does have a limited Gold institutional fund. This fund covers open access fees for original research articles and uninvited reviews in open access journals that appear in the Directory of Open Access Journals, provided there is no open access funding available from the article’s funders.  For a paper to be eligible, the corresponding author must be a full and current UCL staff member or student at the time that charges are incurred.

For more information, or to request funding for Gold open access, complete this form and we'll reply with a summary of your options.

Green open access
Gold open access

Find open access publications

UCL Discovery is UCL's open access repository, providing access to UCL research publications. Use it to find Green and Gold open access publications by UCL researchers.

Open Access Button is a tool that allows users to search for freely-available versions of publications whenever they're denied access to academic content. It was co-developed by UCL alumnus Joe McArthur.