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Academic staff and research postgraduates

Academic staff and research postgraduates from other British universities can obtain a borrowing ticket (5 books at a time) as long as their university is a participant in the SCONUL Band A borrowing scheme. It is necessary to bring an Sconul Band A card (obtained from the library of your home institution), full and valid ID from the home institution and a passport-sized photograph. You should also bring proof of identity and address, see What do I need to bring with me for more information about acceptable documentation.
Please note that if you hold a Sconul Band A email, you will also need to bring independent confirmation of your status, such as an enrolment certificate, official confirmation of employment or Institution ID showing clearly the PhD, MPhil or staff status.

Ph.D. students and staff from institutions not currently involved in the SCONUL access band A scheme are eligible to apply for reference only access. This would allow consultation of the paper materials we hold and use of the library's photocopiers (subject to the relevant restrictions) but not the borrowing of items. To qualify for this access applicants must bring a full valid Student/Staff ID from their home university and a letter from their department confirming their Ph.D./staff status (if this is not clear from their ID).

Taught postgraduates and undergraduates

Taught postgraduates and undergraduates from other British universities which participate in the SCONUL Summer Vacation Scheme may use the library for reference during UCL Summer Vacations but should note that UCL Summer Vacation may not always coincide with those of other institutions. See What do I need to bring with me? for details of registration requirements.

Please note that access under the SCONUL Summer Vacation Scheme is only available during the UCL Summer Vacation period. The scheme does not cover other (eg. Winter or Spring) Vacation periods. 

Taught postgraduates and undergraduates requiring access during term-time or during Winter or Spring UCL Vacations must pay a fee £7 a day, £20 a week or £30 a month. Longer-term rates may also be available but only after a research need interview with the Head of Membership (contact details to the right). See What do I need to bring with me? for details of registration requirements.

Taught postgraduates and undergraduates cannot access the law collection at all during term-time, even if they are willing to pay a fee.

Please note - UCL does not participate in the SCONUL Access Band 'B' or Band 'C' schemes.