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Master Plan

Photograph of UCL Main Library Issue Desk c. 1951 c. 1951 - UCL Main Library Issue Desk
UCL Science Library Learning Laboratory 2008 2008 - UCL Science Library Learning Laboratory

What will UCL's libraries look like in the future?

BDP architects were appointed in 2007 to undertake a Masterplan for the UCL Main Library and the UCL Science Library and to identify how these buildings could be re-ordered significantly to improve the quality of the library environment and to facilitate the delivery of library services. An initial brief was agreed with UCL's Estates Management Committee, and a Masterplan Steering Group was established including academic representatives, library staff and design consultants. To inform the development of this brief, UCL Library Services undertook a number of consultation exercises with users of the Library; students, academic staff and external users, together with Library staff. A number of visits to exemplar library buildings in the UK and continental Europe were also undertaken to inform the development of options for the buildings. Following the development and review of initial options for both the UCL Main Library and UCL Science Library, it was agreed that a further, hypothetical, New Build Central Library Option should be reviewed, to accommodate a re-located and consolidated library service encompassing 7 of the 16 existing libraries currently distributed across the UCL estate.

The full text of the Master Plan documents can be found below:

Last modified 5 December 2008

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