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Integrating Library resources into Moodle

Library Services have developed 2 "blocks" which can be incorporated into Moodle. These allow you to integrate certain resources and services provided by the Library into your module. See a brief demo of the Library Resources block.

1. The Library Resources block allows tutors to display the following links (tutors decide which links to include): the UCL Library Online Reading List (if you use the Library's Course readings service), Past UCL Exam Papers, UCL Library Catalogue, Metalib (a gateway to electronic resources), UCL Subject Librarians (A-Z List), the Library Homepage and WISE Information Skills with faculty-specific information.

Library Resources block

The links can be "switched off" by using the block editing tool, if for example there are no past exam papers for your course.

Please note: the Library Resources block works on matching your Moodle course ID with your reading list and exam paper codes, so to successfully create links these must match. If the link is not working, but you do have a reading list in the system you will need to change the Moodle course ID. Please see below for instructions on how to do this.

2. The Library Search block allows you to search the UCL library catalogue, Metalib (General search for electronic resources) or Google Scholar from within a Moodle course. Again, tutors can choose which of these services to include by using the block editing tool.

Library Search block

How to add the Library blocks to your module

To turn either block on simply "switch on" editing, go to the "Blocks" menu and select the Library block that you would like to add. Remember that it is possible to ‘turn off’ any of the links within the blocks using the ‘block editing tool’ mentioned above.

Changing the course id to match a module code

  • Log in to your Moodle course.
  • Select "settings" from the Administration block
  • Change the code in "Short name" box (indicated below) to match your module code.
Screenshot of 'Edit course settings' page

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