UCL Library Services


E-journal FAQs

UCL Library Services provides access to over 50,000 ejournals, the vast majority of which are accessible to UCL students and staff from both on and off campus.

Below are frequently asked questions, with corresponding answers, to using our ejournals service. Additional information is also available from our Finding journals guide.

If you have any questions or problems with using ejournals then please contact us.

How do I access e-journals?
Why do some titles have more than one option for access?
What is a moving wall or embargo?
How do I access ejournals when I am at UCL?
I'm offsite - how do I access ejournals from a non-UCL computer?
What can and can't I do with ejournals?
Why can't I access all journals electronically?
How can I make a recommendation for purchase?
I am still experiencing problems: what should I do?