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E-journal strategy
  • To undertake regular reviews of UCL users' requirements for e-journals
  • To seek additional funding to meet these requirements, including backruns of older volumes as these are digitised
  • To continue to subscribe to and retain a minimum of one print copy of each core title, as well as the electronic version, at least until issues around access for all members of the Library have been resolved
  • To continue to maintain an archive of at least one print copy of each core title, as well as the electronic version, at least until issues around archiving and continuing access have been resolved
  • To make provision for walk-in access at all Library sites, for the benefit of all members of the Library and visitors
  • To participate in free trials of titles likely to be interest to UCL users, where there is a reasonable expectation of continuing access
  • To seek to ensure that the resources allocated by Library Services to electronic journals are adequate:
  • To keep users fully informed of developments
    To provide training and answers to queries from users
    To keep the Electronic journals web pages fully up to date
    To add details of all UCL's e-journals to the eUCLid catalogue
    To compile and keep up to date details of the deals on offer, so as to ensure that purchasing decisions are based on the best possible information
    To provide fully costed lists of titles for consideration by departmental and faculty library committees as required
  • To press for the most favourable terms and to resist signing up to unsatisfactory deals, especially those which:
  • Feature terms of longer than one year
    Include significantly above-inflation increases in subscription prices, where no acceptable explanation is forthcoming
    Restrict access geographically or to a small number of IP addresses
  • To urge suppliers to include in their definition of authorised users all registered members of the Library, thereby extending desktop access, especially to NHS personnel and members of societies whose collections are held at UCL
  • To urge suppliers to allow offsite access, preferably via Athens authentication
  • To urge suppliers to provide management information, especially usage statistics, in a timely fashion and in standard format to enable ready comparison

Last modified 8th March 2004

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