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Ebook Access Restrictions
On site

You can usually automatically access ebooks while on-site without the need for a password. This is because the computer you are using is automatically authenticated as belonging to the UCL network because of its IP address.

Off site

You can access some of UCL's ebooks from off-site. Information about access arrangements is provided about each package under the three subject areas. The status and arrangements for access fall into three main categories:

  1. No off-site access available
  2. Off-site access through UCL login or passwords specific to individual ebook collections
  3. Free ebook collections accessible to anyone anywhere - please respect the terms of use of these sites

Where possible, UCL library services will arrange for off-site access to the ebooks. For more information on the UCL login mechanism, see the information for e-resource users. However, if publishers are not prepared to make access available, then we can only urge publishers to consider making remote access available.


You must stay within the law of copyright when using ebooks.
E-books are subject to copyright law in exactly the same way as printed material. Ebooks also tend to have additional restrictions on use defined by their associated license agreements. Prohibited activities include: downloading entire ebooks and the commercial use of their content.
If you have any queries about copyright you should contact c.paul@ucl.ac.uk. Alternatively, read the Library's copyright page.

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