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Thesis format

Electronic copy

An electronic copy of your final thesis, together with any supplementary files and a completed E-thesis Deposit Agreement form, should be deposited to UCL Discovery via RPS (UCL's Research Publications Service). This replaces the former mandatory submission of electronic theses on CD-ROMs.

Formal training in using MS Word to write a dissertation is offered (look for Using Word 2016 for Dissertations and Theses). There is also a drop-in session available for all UCL staff and students on Wednesday afternoons during term time, for one-to-one support: no appointment is needed. 

After examination, the electronic copy of your final thesis (including any amendments and corrections) should be converted to one or more PDF files/ versions. Further details can be found in the information pages on restricting access to your thesis and on depositing your electronic thesis.

PDF conversion software is available on the Cluster WTS desktop: please consult the UCL ISD Service Desk if you need help in locating it .

You are required to log in to your RPS profile in order to create a thesis record. An electronic copy of your final thesis, a completed E-Thesis Deposit Agreement, and any supplementary files should be uploaded to your thesis record.

You may wish to submit supplementary files in formats other than PDF, e.g. computer programs, video/audio files etc. The UCL Open Access Team will be happy to discuss with you how best this can be achieved.

Online training and guidance on how to use RPS is available on the UCL ISD pages. You will need to log in using your UCL login and password to access the RPS documentation.

Detailed deposit information is available on the depositing your electronic thesis page.

Print copy

See the UCL Registry Guidelines