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Information for users of Census Registration Service, Digimap and Landmap

This page contains special instructions for the above services.

The suppliers of some services require would-be users to complete a separate registration process in addition to being eligible for use of the resource. The registration pages are written by the suppliers and are aimed at users from a range of UK universities, not just UCL, so should be read with care.

Census Registration Service (CRS)


This provides one-stop registration for:
Census Dissemination Unit services
Census Geography Data Unit (UKBORDERS)
Census Interaction Data Service (CIDS)
Census: Samples of Anonymised Records
CHCC Historical Censuses Collection
Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS)/ESDS International via the UK Data Archive

  • Follow the link to the registration page.
  • Read the information there and proceed to the registration step, where you will be asked to log in
  • Select UCL from the drop-down list of institutions. Proceed to the UCL login page and key in your UCL userid and password
  • Follow the link for those who have not previously registered.
  • Complete the Census registration form and click the Continue button at the bottom of the pages
  • Read the end-user licence then click the I accept button at the bottom of the page
  • You will be sent an email containing instructions for completion of the registration process by clicking on a URL. Please read the displayed information carefully to ensure you can access all the services you need. You will also receive an email confirming your registration.


  • Click on 'Login via UK federation.'
  • On the screen headed 'Select your home organisation', select University College London from the drop-down list.
  • On the UCL login page, key in your UCL userid and password and click Login.
  • Select the data collection you want to use.
  • Read the registration page terms and conditions and click Continue.
  • On the next screen, select 'No' (I have not registered for Digimap before).
  • Fill in your details on the registration form and click Submit.
  • Confirm the details and click 'Proceed with registration.'
  • Digimap will process your registration (this will take up to 48 hours) and email you when the process is complete. Please use the 'Login via UK federation' button whenever you log in to Digimap.

The Digimap site contacts for UCL are Dr Paul Densham and Nick Mann, both based in the UCL Department of Geography. Please email them at digimap@geog.ucl.ac.uk with any queries regarding use of any of the Digimap Collections.



UCL is licensed to use the Landmap and Landmap Mediterranean but not the Infoterra data.

  • Click on the Register here link at http://www.landmap.ac.uk/
  • Proceed to the UCL login page and key in your UCL userid and password
  • Complete the registration form and click on Submit

Dr Jeremy Morley in the UCL Department of Geomatic Engineering is willing to offer informal support for Landmap users. Please email him with any queries regarding downloading or using the Landmap data.

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Last modified 01 June 2011

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