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Study spaces at UCL

Study spaces at UCL

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Study spaces at UCL

4 May 2017

Study spaces at UCL

With the start of term 3, many of you will be preparing for examinations in the coming weeks. UCL attracts the best students in the world, and expectations are high to achieve the best possible grades. Inevitably, this is a time of high pressure and Library services and resources are in high use.

The need for more study spaces on the Bloomsbury campus is an issue which UCL is addressing in response to student feedback. A lot has been done, and more needs to happen but we are working hard to make the student experience at UCL as good as it can be.

Where can I study during the exam period?

To help you to find available seats without searching around on campus, we provide information on available spaces in our busiest library sites (including the Main Library and Science Library). We are working with UCL’s Information Services Division (ISD) to expand this information to cover all library sites in real-time.

You can find a free PC on campus at sites outside of the library on the UCL Go! app.

More information about study spaces is available on the Current Students web pages.

What is UCL doing to help tackle the issue of study spaces?

Investing in developing our study spaces

UCL Library Services has increased the number of study places significantly for a number of years, and we’re currently working on a project to add additional study spaces and computers in many of our libraries this summer 2017. UCL has committed £1 million to this project and we are looking at ways to invest more.

Utilising current spaces

Share the Space launched at the start of term 3. This is a pilot scheme designed following feedback from service users and in consultation with other libraries using similar schemes. A large number of desks can be left unattended at any time – for example, when we counted in one library a few weeks ago there were 200 unattended spaces. The aim of the scheme is to make it fairer for everyone. Please do let us know any feedback about the pilot at library@ucl.ac.uk. We’ll be reviewing feedback in June to see how we can improve our service for you.

The Roof Garden Hub closed on 7 April. As a temporary measure, we arranged to accommodate all the displaced tables to provide 40 seats within the Main and Science Libraries.

More study spaces through room booking

UCLU has worked with UCL Estates Room Bookings team to open up on average an extra 503 more study spaces a day over the exam period. A timetable of the rooms available can be found on the UCLU website.

24 hour opening

The Main and Science libraries and the Cruciform Hub have extended their opening hours over weekends from 25 March, so they are now open 24/7 until 3 June, including over the bank holidays. The Graduate Hub is also open 24 hours a day.

Long term, what is UCL doing to address the need for more study spaces?

The New Student Centre, which will open in 2019 on Gordon Street, will provide an extra 1,000 study places, plus IT clusters over 6 floors and a roof terrace.

A prototype of the space is being developed, where you can test the ideas for the use of space in the New Student Centre. This is due to open later in 2017 in the Bloomsbury campus.

We’d like to wish good luck to all students undertaking exams.

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