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Looking at eUCLid

During the summer there has been an upgrade of the Library's Aleph system, and eUCLid, the web catalogue, has undergone some changes - in functions as well as in appearance. The most apparent difference is the replacement of the three-frame layout of options with just two frames; the navigation choices are now integrated into the main screen, and this leaves more room for the display of results from searches.
Image of opening page of the eUCLid Library Catalogue
Image of opening page of the eUCLid Library Catalogue

We have introduced a separate search option for the ever-awkward task of finding journal titles, incorporating a link to current listings of electronic journals. The process of making reservations for books on loan, or requests for books in store, has been simplified and should now prove less perplexing.

When you look at your User Record online, you find two new possibilities. There is now an option to renew all your books on loan together; and you can see a history of the books you have previously borrowed - useful if you forgot to note down a vital bibliographic reference at the time you were reading it.

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