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ELIB Even Better

The Library's ELIB service has been providing an easy method of accessing electronic databases for a number of years.

The service was mainly accessed using an Information Systems Managed PC such as those in

IS-run Student Cluster rooms or on staff members' desks. The original Managed PC architecture is now outdated and has been replaced by WTS, a new platform-independent 32-bit service delivered by IS.

Following a similar architecture to the WTS service, the new ELIB service offers over 60 electronic databases to the students and staff of UCL. Additionally it can be accessed from a wide range of the 10,000+ computers within UCL including PCs, Macs, UNIX workstations and laptops. Subjects available include law, general reference works, biomedicine, languages and arts. The ELIB service brings these databases to the desktop without the user ever having to install them or perform updates to the data.

Users of the Information Systems' Staff WTS and Student services will already be able to gain access by double clicking on the 'ELIB Service' icon on the desktop. All other users of departmental managed computers and their own individual PCs can access the ELIB service by following some simple instructions available at: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/library/elib

Content by Duncan Cooper

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